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My writing
 I've been doing a lot of writing for the past few weeks and I've really been enjoying myself. Loving Mia has become very popular on The Chamber and I have come in second place out of The Ten Most Favorite stories. Kept and Seneca State University will be the next stories I work on. I had to create a new fictionpress ID because my old one was filled with glitches, but that's okay, I needed a change. I am currently working on a young adult story called Number One Crush under the name Kaitlyn Underwood on fictionpress. 

I also write on under the name LianaLyn. Most of my stories are Inuyasha fanfictions, but I plan to write about other anime favorites also. The two most popular ones are The Importance of Being Kept  which is completed and it's sequel, The Importance of Being A Youkai's Mate which is still in progress. Human Compensation is also popular and the first story I ever wrote on under my old ID Whisperingmoon. 

Next month I am planning to start epublishing my work with Pubit on Barnes and Nobles and on Amazon. Wish me luck!



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